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Revlon Bacteria Shield Glass Nail File

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Color White
Material Glass
Unit Count 1 Count
  • HYGIENIC NAIL GROOMING: This nail file is coated with a patented Anti-Bacterial Finish that resists bacteria
  • 2 IN 1 NAIL FILE SHAPES AND SMOOTHS: Use the rougher side to gently file and shape nails . Use the other side to smooth the edges
  • CRAFTED WITH HIGH-QUALITY GLASS: This nail care tool is crafted in high quality glass and delivers the ultimate nail file experience
  • HOW TO GET BEST RESULTS: For best results, before filing, be sure your nails are completely dry to avoid damage and peeling
  • STERILIZE BY LIGHT: After use, this nail care tool can be placed under sunlight or UV light for 2 hours to sterilize