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Professional Barber Salon Hairdressing Cape Dual Lock Hair Cutting Capes Cloth Gown

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  • Handmade
  •   This barber cape is carefully crafted from durable Pongee Polyester fabric. It is a comfortable and smooth salon cape that will not cause any skin irritation. Barbers and beauticians really appreciate its lightweight, wrinkle-proof, static-proof and is a water-resistance material, which makes it very practical to manage and use. It is also easy to clean and dries quickly.

    The design of the hair cape is user-friendly, having a dual collar (elastic + buttons) makes it easy to adjust the elasticity for better fitting neck closure. This cape can be comfortably tied around the neck and offer complete overall protection to avoid any sudden bursts of dye or other products that could stain clothing.

    Hairdressing Capes - Gown for Barber Salon


    · Made from comfortable, lightweight, anti-static, waterproof, pongee material.

    · Length: 142cm x 156cm.

    · It’s reusable and can wipe clean, machine-wash warm, or dry-clean. We suggest you hang it for drying naturally.

    · It has buckles to easily adjust the elasticity for better fitting neck closure.

    · Easy to clean and dry.

    · Durable and long-lasting.