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Twist Sponge Dreadlock step by step Guide to Coil Sponge Twist

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Twist Sponge Dreadlock step by step Guide: By FWRESH Big Holes Coil Curl Hair Brush Fresh Loc Hair Twist Sponge Brush Twists Wave Barber Tool For Dreads Afro Locs Twist Curl Coil (7.5 x 4.5 x 2.2, Yellow+red+Black)

Product Instructions: 1.100% brand new and high quality,more comfortable in hand than other sponge. 2.Get your hair twisted anywhere any time,suitable for home travel use, perfect for any fashion people. 3.Reasonable size,it has easy to hold designs that are great for any size hands, from teens to adults. 4.Depending on the length and hair texture, can be molding in 3 to 15 minutes. How To Use: 1.This tool works best on hair that is only slightly damp. 2.Apply a twist and lock gel or your regular styling gel to your slightly damp hair. 3.You may also apply some of your styling product to the sponge. 4.Use sponge and go in a circular motion across your head.the hair will start coiling on its own. 5.Do not press heavily on the hair.Spin in one direction only. 6.Within minutes, you will have a head of perfectly formed twists.